2022 GETEC Drive Testing Seminar is successfully hold

A one-day seminar with different kinds of activities, the know-how of drive testing, interesting sharing from our partners: COMPREDICT and Meta Motoren- Und Energie-Technik, and a small surprise for our guests – a Hotdog Food truck is successfully organized in GETEC.

From the latest technical results of GETEC and our partners, our guests get the below takeaway:

  • “Vehicle Testing on the road” from Mr. Torsten Hempel, GETEC, the advantages, how to prepare and conduct.
  • “How Virtual Sensors provide vehicle test data, at large scale” from Dr. Rafael Fietzek, COMPREDICT, how virtual sensors work with COMPREDICT’S Virtual Sensors Platform…
  • “Data Measure and Analysis” from Mr. Lucas Crampen, GETEC, related data measurement, evaluation and analysis.
  • “Vehicle Testbench Investigations” from Mr. Olaf Metzger, Meta, investigations of benchmark and performance…
  • And also “Product Development and Optimization based on Roadloaddata” from Mr. Joachim Trumpff, GETEC, tools and strategy for the product verification and optimization.

Our guests also got the chance to learn the Data Acquisition Strategy and which tools are used for it during the Car Demo section of our workshop. At the final testbench visit, our guests got a better understanding of how to make use of the data from drive testing on the testbench to improve the products.

During the seminar, we also got lots of challenging and good questions from guests. Many interesting discussions.

Hope all of the guests got the know-how that they are interested in and enjoyed the time in GETEC.

See you in the next GETEC Technical Seminar.

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