Driveline Product Development

The GETEC team had the leading position for development of drivetrain product on the Chinese market. GETEC has an advanced engineering team and cooperation between China and Germany to save development time more effectively. GETEC software based on a modular concept together with our outstanding development experience will enable you to achieve best in class value to achieve customer satisfaction.

Business Scope

  • Driveline Product Development Process (GETEC V-Model)
  • Advanced product development process management
  • Strict product development quality management

Design & Development

  • Concept & detailed design
  • CAE & FEA calculation & analysis

Software Development

  • Control software development
  • Software verification & validation: MIL, SIL, HIL testing, vehicle testing
  • Control software calibration
  • System test, validation & verification

Product Effective Testing

  • Component, System, Drivetrain testing
  • Vehicle testing(including hybrid & EV)
  • DVP definition & test tracking

Industrialization Support

  • Production-oriented design development and assembly manufacturing
  • Supply chain management support
  • Production line planning design services
  • Modular production support

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For Europe Market, please contact:

Mr. Michael Spielmann
Key Account Manager
+49 2464 90266 266

For Asia Market, please contact:

Mr. Xia Shaohua
Project & Business Director
+86 512 6895 2081