Smart Mobility

The smart mobility of vehicles has gradually become mainstream trend of the future development of the automotive industry GETEC has also been continuously exploring and researching on mobile intelligence.

Business Scope

Smart Drivetrain and Electric Mobility

  • Engineering Service
    System benchmark
    System development (HW/EE/SW)
    System testing & calibration
    System integration & verification
    Functional safety consulting
  • Family Products
    Conventional drivetrain system (AMT/DCT)
    Hybrid drivetrain system (DHT/EDS)
    All wheel drive system (4WD/eAWD)

Smart Automated Mobility

  • Engineering Service
    ADAS/AD system benchmark
    ADAD/AD system development
    ADAS/AD system testing & calibration
    ADAS/AD system integration & verification
    Functional safety consulting
    SOTIF consulting
  • Family Products
    L1 system (LKA/ACC)
    L2 system (ALCA/TJA)
    L3~L4 system (GT-Pilot)

Smart Connected Mobility

  • Engineering Service
    V2X system benchmark
    V2X system development
    V2X system testing & calibration V2X system integration & verification Functional safety consulting
    Cyber Security consulting
  • Family Products
    V2V system (C-ACC)
    V2C system (OTA data exchange/Remote diagnostic) V2P system (GT-Touch)

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