High-Speed E-Motor Development – 22,000 rpm and the Challenges

How to develop a sustainable, space-saving, and cost-optimized powertrain? We suggest using the concept with a highspeed electric motor in connection with a gearbox for passenger vehicles.
Because higher speeds have a good potential for the future based development on the following reasons:
+Saving expensive and limited resources
+Reduce current without increasing voltage
+Avoid gear shifting or one-way-clutch

In the development, a permanent magnet synchro machine is chosen, since the initial concept analysis shows that the advantages for this technology combined with 22,000 rpm are predominantly.
GETEC Getriebe Technik GmbH is facing the challenges of optimized power-to-weight ratio, high-speed durable components, compact integration of e-motor and gearbox, and shortest timing by strictly following a modular strategy using the same components for different drivetrain configurations (see the figure).

This will help OEM to better convince end customers not only by innovation but also with a competitive price.

If you would like to know more about:
-High-speed e-motor development
-Concept analysis and design
-Testing for a high-speed e-motor

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