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Multiple testing simulation - optimal solution

We provide multiple testing services for different types of powertrains.

Whether using simulation, on the test bench or on the real road, there is always an optimal solution for our customers. We support you to shorten the development cycle and improve the quality of product development. Our verification gives you the confidence for your new product.


Vehicle Testing

  • Including truck and commercial vehicles
  • On the road / test track / roller dyno
  • Complete system test / vehicle performance test
  • Shift evaluation / TCU calibration
  • Fuel consumption test / vehicle durability test
  • NVH test
  • Cold climate test (CCT) / hot environment test (HET) / high altitude test (HAT)
  • Special tests based on customers requirement

Powertrain Testing

  • All types of powertrains
  • EV testing, inverter testing
  • Commercial vehicle powertrain testing
  • Durability testing
  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing

Test equipment ability

3 Electric High speed Motor Test Bench

  • High Speed Input Dyno
    Max. Rotation Speed: up to 18000 rpm (25000 rpm planed)
    Torque: up to 450 Nm (630 Nm Overload)
    Power: up to 282 kW
  • Output Dynos
    Max. Rotation Speed: 3000 rpm
    Torque: 3500 Nm
    Power: 220 kW
  • VES
    Max. Power:  250 kW (500 kW in parallel mode)
    Max. Voltage: 1000 V
    Max. Current: 1000 A (2000 A in parallel mode)

Additional Devices

  • Current measurement equipment
  • Climate Chamber
  • Conditioning for coolant water
  • Reducer transmissions

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Mr. Michael Spielmann
Key Account Manager
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For Asia Market, please contact:
Mr. Xia Shaohua
Project & Business Director
+86 512 6895 2081

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