Trends and Challenges on the Way to a fully sustainable Mobility

The automotive energy transition is running at full speed. With the upcoming UNclimatesummit in Glasgow, climate change, vehicle emissions and other environmental issues will become even hotter topics than they already are.
Within this background, the development of new energy vehicles is becoming more and more important. As a pioneer in the development and testing of new energy vehicle drivetrain systems, GETEC is invited to participate in VITESCO Expert Day held in Shanghai on October 20. Mr. Sven Steinwascher, Chief Technology Officer of GETEC, will give a speech on “Trends and Challenges on the Way to a fully sustainable Mobility”. Analyzing the future development trend of new energy vehicles and the direction of technology routes in China. To face future challenges GETEC will present 2DHT, 2EDS and other technology concepts to make a small contribution to mitigating global climate change.

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